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DRT Designs is a premium web development house based in Pompano Beach, Florida. We specialize in functional, attractive websites.

Our company was established by the lead developers of our parent company, the IT consulting solutions firm DeRose Technologies, Inc.. Seeing the need for a practical, "modern" development house, company president Christopher DeRose decided to establish this subsidiary based on the design principles he felt was otherwise unavailable to small and medium sized South Florida businesses.

Designs that Perform!

Our designers are constantly measuring their output with actual, metric-based data to ensure their work is performing. We believe that good designs should achieve results, and that our success is measurable by the business our clients receive.

Experienced & Proven

We've been incorporated since 2003, and have been designing websites since 1995. Our coders and designers have been through many iterations of design and programming paradigms, and have brought many large and small websites from planning to implementation.

Local and Accessible

Our implementation and design team is based right here in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our project managers are available by phone, or at our office, and we never send your code to unsupervised offshore developers.


We provide all of our solutions in tiered pricing packages which enable our prospective clients to choose the functionality they need at the price they can afford. We further reduce costs by re-using open source code whenever possible, as well as by leveraging the latest languages and time-saving code practices.

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